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A Day In My Shoes

I woke up pretty grumpy yesterday as I had nothing to do but the day took a brighter turn and I went for a solo lunch and shopping trip into town, fun times! So thanks for the shopping funds, you know who you are…. Xx

I managed to get a whole new outfit after traipsing round the shops all afternoon so I was one happy lady! I’m going to wear the sparkly dress for a night out with my new Iron Fist heels. I think I’ll team it with my new ballet flats on Boxing Day to my family party too, but with a cropped cardigan to tone it down a touch.

I took pictures from the morning until I went to bed, enjoy!

Dirty Airport Socks

I committed the ultimate fashion sin at the airport- Socks with sandals! The boyfriend was a little embarrassed having to stand next to me haaha. I still managed to persuade my foot hating fella to snap some photos in the airport lounge though. Real love.

I had good reason to commit my fashion fail  as the mosquitoes in Rhodes were happily chomping away at my toes all night and all my other shoes were in my suitcase, boo hoo. 

I always wear just a pair of socks when I’m on the plane as my feet feel too restricted in shoes, so luckily I had these white socks in my hand luggage to save my poor little tootsies! They have a photograph of a cute scantily clad lady on them sucking a lollipop. My fella tried to steal them for himself as they are so freaking cool! 

I occasionally get requests for socks and sandals pictures which is a surprise to me as I think it looks so odd! What do you think of the combination?


I’ve got lots to catch up with but coming soon….Toe socks, Gateaux Feet & Bedtime Socks!

Foot Culture

I went for a lovely day out and thought it’d be fun to focus on feet for the day and snap some pictures for my blog. I went to The Usher Gallery which is part of an Archaeology museum called The Collection in Lincoln for a cultured wander around.

I reckon some of these artists were foot lovers too judging by the amount of sculptures and paintings with bare feet in them!

I tried to find some quiet areas where I wouldn’t look silly getting my foot in the image, but I kept being followed by a lady as I walked round which I thought was odd. It turned out she was a member of staff as she finally approached me to advise that taking photographs inside wasn’t permitted. Oops, I didn’t know that!

I’m wearing my white socks for the 5th time today as part of the sock challenge with @MissShahna….I’m not sure how much longer I can do this I might have to give in soon haha. I don’t want to frighten my readers so I’ll post the rest of the pics in my Smelly Sock Gallery for those that want a peek!


WARNING!!! Gross Sock Pictures! Day Four……

This is so gross…..Here are the pictures of my socks after wearing them 4 days in a row for a sock war with Miss Shahna.

Go check out her socks they are just as bad, if not worse! Her Twitter is @MissShahna, you won’t be disappointed if you love smelly feet!

Tan Nylons & Removing White Ankle socks

I’m wearing 60/70’s tan nylons beneath my white ankle socks as suggested by the Miss Cheeky Feet readers and followers.

The vintage nylon tights (or pantyhose to my lovely American friends!) still have the original 28p price tag on the packet so that’s the first indication of how old they are ha.

They don’t hold up well though, thank goodness everything has Lycra in these days! I also got a pair of 60’s red pop socks whilst out shopping, it was a good day for a vintage shopping spree. Even my skirt is vintage, I was going for the ‘Clueless’ look lol.

The video was taken on Day One of the sock war I’m currently having with Miss Shahna, when the socks were brand new. I’m now on Day Four and the socks are horrific!

Sock Wars – Day One

If you haven’t heard already I am having a smelly sock war with fellow WordPress blogger and stinky footed chica Miss Shahna.

It’s so gross but we have challenged each other to wear our socks for as long as possible, then we are shipping them to each other (USA to UK!) and we are going to smell them on camera and see who has the smelliest feet Eek!

We will be keeping everyone updated with pics & vids so if you are not already following Shahna’s blog, or subscribing to her YouTube Channel (where you get to hear her cute American accent) then get to it foot lovers!

You can also follow our dedicated thread over at The Den of Smelly Feet where the smelly sock idea originally began :)

Here are some pics of my fresh white ankle frilly ankle socks on Day One! If you want to see more sock pics check out My Sock Gallery

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