Previous visitors will notice a few changes to the site, and that a lot of the old pages are gone. This is due to having a new website being built, I hope you’re going to like it!

The photos on here are dated and blurry, so I want to bring you fresh new content on the new site, with HD video and better image quality. As soon as the new site is ready to go live you guy’s will be the first to  know about it!

I’ll include a feed on the new site to the old blog posts and foot photos here so they can still be accessed. If you have any favourite pics on here, download them (for personal use) just incase they end up going for good.

I no longer sell socks or anything at least for a while.

You can still buy clips on http://www.clipsforsale.com/misscheekyfeet

You can still buy images on http://www.clips4sale/misscheekyfeet

These sites and everything else will be updated with new content when the new site goes live in March (I hope)