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World Visitors Today

Stats of visitors by country. The Brits top my leader board of foot lovers today!

Christmas Post

The last 1st Class posting date to arrive before Christmas is Monday, so if anyone is planning a custom order of my smelly socks or stinky footwear, get in touch before the weekend is over if you don’t want to wait until the New Year!

Enjoy #MadFriday everyone, I’m off to enjoy a few drinks! Xx

Airing My Flats

Airing out my flats during my lunch break this afternoon. It’s ‘Mad Friday’ so another hectic day for me, resulting in some very smelly feet and flats when I got home! X

What To Blog?

So my lovely readers, passers-by and subscribers, what do you want to see more of?

I’m feeling a little stuck on ideas for future blog posts, as I’d really like to bring you something new.

My inbox is overflowing with photo and video suggestions, but what would you enjoy reading? Whilst I have fun taking and sharing photos, I’d really enjoy doing a bit more writing or articles alongside these. Something else even…? Do you have any suggestions for me please or topics you’d like me cover?

If so leave me a comment below, or drop me a private message!

Sweet dreams.. I’m off to bed.. night xxx 

Toe Jamming Feet

The red flats from my blog post yesterday are fitting much better now I’ve worn them in, but they still leave my tootsies looking a bit red. They also have some serious toe jam going off inside of them, which a few of you love if my inbox is anything to go by!

I only ever wear them barefoot so of course they have become a bit sweaty and you can see in the photos how my toes have imprinted into the insoles quite nicely! My feet are dirty and smelly today since I’ve been non stop on the bar all day pouring pints and serving food, I hope you enjoy the photos!

I’m bored of these red flats now and fancy a replacement pair. So if you want a bit more toe jam in your life, get in touch and make me an offer to buy these these foot scented cuties xxx

Pointed Red Flats

I loved these pointed red flats when I saw them, in my usual UK 7 but they are pretty tight… I wore them anyway, but my wide soles really paid the price for it.

I was hobbling after a long shift at work, and contemplated walking home barefoot as the pain was so much! Instead I got the fella to meet me at the station with my plimsolls. He pulled them out of his bag and I changed my shoes in the lobby (sorry you missed it!)

Afterwards he complained that his satchel now ‘stinks of feet’! Haha

My feet are a bit rough in these pics, they haven’t had any TLC in ages xxx

Lost & Found Socks

Cleaning up earlier I found some smelly socks in sealed bags lost in the airing cupboard. I was going to chuck them in the washing machine but if anyone wants them… You can have them for the giveaway price of £3 to cover UK postage and packaging. Just email me and send payment via Paypal or Amazon UK E-gift card and I’ll post them tomorrow (or today if you can send payment before last post at 5pm!)

I have 5 pairs to send at random all a strange kind of stinky and some pretty crusty since they have been lost a while! X 

Chef Shoes

The fella recoiled in horror and asked ‘What the hell is going on with those feet of yours, they stink!’ As he kicked my work shoes across the floor to the other side of the room. He continued, ‘Agh I just sat down and caught a briefest whiff of those shoes…they are nasty, how can they smell so bad?!’

Well… They smell so bad as they are my ‘chef shoes’. At work I often spend time working as a chef in a really hot kitchen and these are what I wear, mostly barefoot as they are cosy and don’t slip.

As you can see they are trashed and smelly, stained with my foot sweat on the fabric soles. I’d quite like a replacement pair for work, so if you’d like to make me an offer for them, get in touch xxx  

Stinking Up These Red Flats

It’s goodbye to my red flats this week as they are part of a custom order for the big guy overseas. I’ve had them on all day at work in the bar so thought I’d share a few photos with you guys too. There’s a few sweaty feet imprints in there as I know some of you love those!

They are pretty stinky now, and a little warm and damp inside…

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cheeky Feet xxx

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