Smelly Feet Lovers

Hello my darling smelly feet lovers!

Just browse the menu sections for pictures and videos of my smelly dirty feet & footwear items. If you are viewing on a smart phone then ensure you are using it in mobile version or the drop down menus will not work!

You can get foot photo sets of my stinky smelly feet and socks in my new image  store: 

Miss Cheeky Feet’s Photo Album

My foot loving friends always ask me what my feet smell like so here goes… I would say it really depends on the shoes I’m wearing, but the smells can range from popcorn, vinegar & cheese  to musty & fruity. An all round variety!

Here’s me having a cheeky sniff of my sandals;

smelling my well worn sandals and then showing you my dirty feet.

smelling my well worn sandals and then showing you my dirty feet.

I like to go barefoot when I’m outdoors in good weather, so then they have that wonderful fresh earthy smell mixed in.  I wear mango body lotion and so sometimes there’s a scent of that too!


Miss Cheeky Feet Xxx

4 thoughts on “Smelly Feet Lovers

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  3. I love popcorn, vinegar & cheese most. Especially the cheesy smell turns me on a lot. I love to sniff well worn stinky ballet flats and to get a nice cheesy smell out of their toe parts after breathing a couple of times into the shoes :-)

  4. Mmmmmmmmm I adore yr delicious feet I dream lovin kissin suckin lickin der sweet tasty aroma and delice mmmmmmmmm I adore u

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