Hosiery- Tights & Stockings

Do you love hosiery as much as me?

I post all of my tights, hold ups, stockings, pantihose, pop socks and fishnets photos here.

You can also visit the Hosiery Videos section on my blog to view my YouTube nylon videos playlist Xxx

My new image store has some hot photo sets of these red seamed nylons, take a look now!

I also have a Pinterest Board of Tight’s & Stockings. It just a collection of the ones I think look super sexy on a girl, I freaking love Pinterest! It’s great how a pair of tights can an outfit from plain to awesome, I have so many types. If you want these pictures to keep coming then help me add to my hosiery collection by choosing a hot pair from my Amazon Wishlist, and I’ll post pictures and videos of me wearing them ;)



Tell me what hosiery really catches in your eye in the comments box below. Are you a tights man, or a stocking lover? I want to know what kind of hose tickles your nose!

8 thoughts on “Hosiery- Tights & Stockings

  1. Hi I stumbled upon your website and I’ve been here over an hour.
    Not that It’s hard to navigate but because there is so much to find. Excellent!

    But back to the question at hand and It’s definitely the black tights at the top.
    Although you manage to make them all look amazing.

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